A track session from the Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit 2018

Assurance – improving the quality of sustainability data

Companies are increasingly being asked to disclose more accurate ESG data. Practitioners need to be confident of the data they are disclosing and the impacts they’re having against the SDGs. Learn how to improve the quality of social and environmental data through assurance

Mandy Kirby Director of Reporting, Assessment and Accountability PRI

Gergely Jancsár Head of Sustainability and Environment MOL Group

MODERATOR:Tjeerd Krumpelman Head of Reporting & Stakeholder Engagement ABN AMRO

Hilde Bomme Deputy Chief Executive Accountancy Europe

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The Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit 2018

October 2018, London

2018 will bring the best, the most innovative and most inspiring companies in sustainability reporting to London, with a focus on portraying total impact throughout their report

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