A track session from the Responsible Supply Chain 2018


Whilst audits serve an important purpose in managing risks through the tiers of the supply chain, added layers are required to identify slavery and other human rights violations and ensure decent work within the supply chain. How can companies implement effective systems, technologies and collaborations to identify and solve these risks at the source?

Robin Sundaram, Sustainable Sourcing Lead, Nestlé

Chiara Selvetti, Head of Sustainability, Atea Sverige AB

Anita Househam, Senior Manager, Decent Work & Supply Chain Sustainability, United Nations Global Compact

Mark Sugden, Director of Marketing and Responsible Sourcing, Sedex

Chair:David Lawrence, Executive Director, AIM Progress


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The Responsible Supply Chain Summit Europe 2018

October 2018, London

This two-day sustainability and supply chain conference will bring together CEOs, CPOs, CSOs and 200+ senior executives to discuss how businesses can deliver environmental, social and business impacts through their supply chain

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