A keynote session from the Responsible Business Summit Europe 2019

Today, society expects business to serve more than just shareholders and deliver more than just short-term profits. Business is expected to play a positive social role and serve a broad range of stakeholders, from employees and customers to communities and the environment. In many ways, this evolution is simply a return to the original role of business in society. Micael Johnstone and Adam Lowenstein of the EY Beacon Institute, EY’s global purpose strategy hub, will discuss the state of ‘purpose-driven business’ and share new findings from EY Beacon’s year-long research with Oxford Saïd Business School.


Adam Lowenstein, Trends & Emerging Issues Analyst, EY Beacon Institute 

Micael Johnstone, Global Markets and Purpose Strategy, EY Beacon Institute 

The Responsible Business Summit Europe 2019

June 2019, London

Renowned as THE go-to event for those looking to meet, learn and help shape ideas on the future of responsible and sustainable business. Over 600+ CEOs and business leaders will meet in London to address the core challenges and understand the latest technologies that are shaping the future of responsible business.

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