Amandine answers 7 short questions at the Responsible Business Summit New York

  • How is Pernod Ricard engaging employees to act more sustainably?

  • Are you incentivizing employees to help co-create new sustainable initiatives?

  • Engaging investors on ESG impacts has been a core focus of this event. How is Pernod Ricard approaching this opportunity?

  • What are the hardest impacts to communicate?

  • Is Pernod Richard quantifying and communicating its SDG impacts? If so, what’s the biggest challenge?

  • What do you see as being the single most exciting opportunity for your organization in 2019?

  • Why have you decided to speak at the Responsible Business Summit and share your vision?


The Responsible Business Summit New York 2019

March 2019, New York

400+ CEOs and business leaders will meet in New York to address the core challenges and understand the latest technologies that are shaping the future of responsible business.

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