Fiona answers 7 short questions at #RBSEU 2020

  • Ocean Rescue is an innovative campaign to drive change across Sky’s business, suppliers and customers. How important was it that Jeremy Darroch, Sky’s CEO, kicked-off this campaign?

  • What have been the impacts to date?

  • Your target to remove single-use plastics by 2020 is just around the corner. What have been the biggest challenges / learnings that others could take from this work?

  • You have unrivalled access to customers’ homes – through your channels and social media activity – how are you using these channels to drive positive change among customers? Can you share how you’ve driven change and positive impact?

  • I read that you’re working with the Premier League to engage clubs to go single-use plastic free. Can you share more?

  • How are you looking to scale your efforts through other partnerships? And what do you see as the biggest barrier to achieving these goals?

  • Why have you decided to speak at the Responsible Business Summit and share your work?

The Responsible Business Summit Europe 2019

June 2019, London

Renowned as THE go-to event for those looking to meet, learn and help shape ideas on the future of responsible and sustainable business. Over 600+ CEOs and business leaders will meet in London to address the core challenges and understand the latest technologies that are shaping the future of responsible business.

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