A track session from the Responsible Supply Chain 2018

Understand the full origins of inputs. Develop strategies and systems that deliver accurate metrics and oversight to monitor performance and ensure you company can make the right decisions to tackle climate action and human rights risks.

Nina von Radowitz, Head of Corporate Responsibility, METRO

Roel Drost, Director of Strategy & Large Accounts, EcoChain Technologies

Edena Low, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and External Affairs,Mattel

Jessica Camus,Head of Partnerships and Impact, Diginex

Moderator:Godefroy Motte, Managing Director, Adrialis

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The Responsible Supply Chain Summit Europe 2018

October 2018, London

This two-day sustainability and supply chain conference will bring together CEOs, CPOs, CSOs and 200+ senior executives to discuss how businesses can deliver environmental, social and business impacts through their supply chain

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