XR Immersive Enterprise Conference returns to Boston

The XR Immersive Enterprise Conference is returning to Boston for the 3rd annual event as part of the XR Intelligence by Reuters Events 2020 Series

The 3rd annual XR Immersive Enterprise Conference by Reuters Events has launched with the announcement the theme will be ‘Unlocking the Potential of XR’.

On May 5-6, 2020, more than 300 decision makers from the world’s largest enterprise and tech brands will gather in Boston to discover how virtual, augmented and mixed reality are transforming training, operations, design, customer service and marketing across industry.

Join this senior level VR conference to benefit from these 4 essential themes:

1. Discover Tech Solutions

Find the right solution and its applicability to your unique problem. Discover how your company measures up against own industry, and others

2. Prove the Value, Unlock ROI

Uncover how XR champions, innovation departments, business heads and HR get budget sign off and the process you need to take

3. Get Buy In and Boost Adoption

Gain valuable techniques for alleviating social anxiety, improving collaboration, and approaching change management

4. Integrate and Scale XR

Learn about XR’s distinct security and sustainability measures, how pipelines should be built and what the future looks like

At this year’s VR and AR event, enterprise innovators and decision makers will take the stage to deliver practical case studies and moderate interactive roundtables that will provide

Speakers highlights include:

  • Head of Innovation, HSBC Bank USA

  • Head of Innovation Ecosystems, Rolls Royce

  • Vice President Platform Strategy and Developer Community, HTC Vive

  • Senior Director, Spatial Computing, Deutsche Telekom

  • Director of VDC, Jacobs

  • Director Technical Software Group, Arup

  • Lead of Immersive Tech Center, UPS

  • Principal Investigator for Augmented & Mixed Reality, Lockheed Martin

  • Technology Focal for VR/AR, GE Research

  • Design Director, Wayfair

  • Head of Emerging Technologies, Novartis

“Immersive Enterprise is the best insider event for VR that I have been to and I try to attend most of these events.” Alan Shen, Director of Partnerships, Huawei

Please contact: Kathryn Bloxham on kbloxham@vr-intelligence.com or UK tel +44 (0)207 375 7567 for more details