Transform USA Agenda: A Sustainable, Resilient Recovery

10:00am – 11:00am (EST)

Delivering a Green, Clean and Inclusive Rebuild Post Covid-19

In partnership with:
Liberty Mutual

We have the opportunity for a clean rebuild of the economy post Covid-19, and businesses must build new levels of resilience and understand that financial sustainability now means low carbon. Understand how companies are planning to balance their immediate business priorities with the ambition to help deliver a sustainable future.

Bea Perez SVP & Chief Communications, Public Affairs, Sustainability & Marketing Assets Officer The Coca-Cola Company

Suzanne Lindsay-Walker Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Environmental Affairs UPS

Sophie Beckham Chief Sustainability Officer International Paper

Rakhi Kumar Senior Vice President, Sustainability Solutions Liberty Mutual

Moderator: Dave Stangis CEO & Founder 21C Impact Former CSO Campbell Soup

11:00am – 11:45am (EST)

The Open Road: Building a Low Carbon Future for Heavy Transportation Today

In partnership with:

Transporting people and goods is the single largest contributor to greenhouse emissions in America today (30%), and remains a complex roadblock to net carbon reduction. In this session, we'll explore the promise and progress of alternative fuel technologies - discuss their environmental, financial, and operational impacts - and highlight how some early adopters have found success.

Adam Comora President and CEO TruStar Energy LLC

Mike Casteel Senior Advisor TruStar Energy LLC

Kristen B. Sullivan Partner Deloitte & Touche LLP

11:45am – 12:00pm (EST)

Building a Future-Fit, Purpose-Driven Supply Chain

With the recent coronavirus pandemic crisis, how are the most innovative companies building agility and resilience into their operations and preparing for a future that is still under development? In this session we will discuss strategies undertaken to decrease businesses environmental footprint and increase their social handprint that prove effective in times of crisis and in times of normality, beyond Covid-19.

Alison Taylor Chief Sustainability Officer ADM

Moderator: Terry Slavin Editor-in-Chief – Sustainable Business Reuters Events

12:00pm – 1:00pm (EST)

Delivering a Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chain: Implementing Lessons Learnt from Covid-19

With empty shelves and stalled production lines across the world, the Covid-19 crisis has brought attention to the critical role of global supply chains and both their strengths and weaknesses. As companies have the challenge of restarting their supply chains, what lessons can they take in re-strategizing their business and being better prepared for the risks posed by climate change?

Amy Senter Chief Sustainability Officer Kellogg

Mary Jane Melendez Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer General Mills

César Vargas US Chief External Affairs Officer Anheuser-Busch

Moderator: George Hodge Director Corporate Engagement CDP

1:00pm – 1:15pm (EST)

The Digital Transformation of ESG in a Post-Covid World

In partnership with:

The recent coronavirus crisis has heightened corporate awareness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and their strategic importance to a company's long-term success. Companies are mobilizing to both address and report on their material ESG issues to meet the expectations of investors, employees, customers, and other key stakeholders in contributing to a more resilient, low-carbon economy. As a result, the management and measurement of extra-financial issues is attracting more attention and with it, the need for better tools - making it ripe for a digital transformation.

Marie-Josee Privyk Head of ESG Innovation and Customer Success Novisto

Moderator: Liam Dowd Managing Director – Sustainable Business Reuters Events

1:15pm – 2:00pm (EST)

Collaboration as the ‘New Normal’: Using Covid-19 as a Springboard for Future Climate Action

Covid-19 has reminded the world of the importance of community, support, and collaboration. Whilst livelihoods are at stake and survival and recovery are critical, collaboration between business, Governments, NGOs, and other organisations is a necessity when tackling the climate crisis. Hear how companies are going to balance these two business priorities.

Emilio Tenuta Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Ecolab

Herve Duteil Chief Sustainability Officer BNP Paribas

Shweta Harit Global Brand Vice President Evian

Moderator: David Wei Climate Director BSR

10:00am – 10:45am (EST)

Embedding Risk & Resilience in your Net Zero Strategy

In partnership with:

Many companies around the world currently find themselves in full crisis mode. Covid-19 showed that unexpected crisis can happen. Companies need to be prepared for not only climate preparedness but for future pandemics, political, cultural or demographic crisis. Hear how companies are creating Net-Zero strategies, with the agility to adapt to future risks or scenarios

Paula DiPerna Policy Advisor CDP

Gary Gero Chief Sustainability Officer LA County

Britt Harter Sustainability Solutions Lead Guidehouse

Moderator: Helle Bank Jorgensen CEO & Founder Competent Boards

10:45am – 11:00am (EST)

Delivering Performance, Resiliency & Sustainability in the Built Environment

In partnership with:

Best practices for high performing and resilient buildings across business sectors will be shared, along with services and case studies to showcase financial and environmental impacts.

Kathy Loftus Vice President of Business Development e2s

11:00am – 11:45am (EST)

Closing the Loop on Net-Zero: The Case for Circularity

For many businesses, delivering their Net Zero requires a shift to a circular business model. As businesses ramp up ambitions ahead of COP26, understand how a Circular Approach is vital in meeting these goals.

Sandra Noonan Chief Sustainability Officer Just Salad

Freya Burton Chief Sustainability & People Officer Lanzatech

Caitlin Leibert Head of Sustainability Chipotle

Moderator: Brendon Steele Director Future 500

11:45am – 12:00pm (EST)

The Next Frontier: Circularity, Consumers and Behaviour Change

To achieve a truly circular system, consumer habits and resistance must be overcome. How can we harness the conscious consumption behaviour brought about by the Covid-19 crisis and engage the end user to shift toward circularity over convenience? Join us to discuss the barriers and pressures that affected consumption during Covid-19 and learn how business can learn from this going forward.

Mike Colarossi Vice President, Product Line Management, Innovation and Sustainability Avery Dennison

Abby Davidson Vice President, North America Corporate Citizenship

12:00pm – 12:45pm (EST)

Addressing the Ongoing Plastic Dilemma

Plastic has been an invention that has been central to modern day life, however companies are tasked with addressing their use of plastics. With increasing legislation around certain plastics, how can companies identify viable solutions that addresses the plastic challenge, without creating unforeseen negative impacts.

Allison Shapiro Executive Director Closed Loop Partners

Ellen Jackowski Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer HP

Emily Tipaldo Executive Director U.S. Plastics Pact

Moderator: Ellen Griesemer Analyst Future 500

12:45pm – 1:00pm (EST)

Resiliency in 2020: Stepping into a New Role in a Year of Crisis

In partnership with:
Liberty Mutual

In this virtual chat with Liberty Mutual Chief Sustainability Officer Francis Hyatt, we’ll learn how he navigated his new role through COVID-19, social protests, and in an unprecedented fire and hurricane season. We’ll hear lessons learned on his first few months as CSO, his perspective on the insurance industry in times of change, and how Liberty Mutual is progressing on its ESG journey.

Francis Hyatt Chief Sustainability Officer Liberty Mutual

Moderator: Barie Carmichael Former Vice President and Chief Communications Officer Dow Corning Corporation

1:00pm – 1:45pm (EST)

Empowering Suppliers to help Deliver a Net-Zero Business

In partnership with:

For many industries the most challenging area in delivering the Net-Zero transition is the need to decarbonise supply chains and land use. Join senior business leaders to hear and share new ideas as to how a company can decarbonise their supply chain, in line with a Net-Zero ambition.

Elena Kocherovsky Principle Consultant Anthesis

Nell Triplett Corporate Affairs Manager Synopsys

Louisa McGuirk Senior Manager of Sustainable Procurement Salesforce