Where the foundations are set for pharma’s new normal

  • 500+Attendees
  • 40+Speakers
  • 25+Case Studies
  • 80%Senior Leaders
  • 10+Interactive Sessions

The new home of clinical collaboration. Let’s harness momentum in digital and cultural transformation and an agile future for clinical trials.

Clinical is under the microscope. As the world focuses its lens on pharma, the opportunity and the pressure is there to found a new era of agile, patient-centric clinical trials. Long standing barriers to innovation are falling, digital transformation is accelerating, and cultures of novel collaboration, agility and patient centricity are growing.

Reuters Events Clinical 2021 is the new meeting place for global clinical leaders created to harness this momentum of change, and with it design and implement a new future for clinical trials in the image of patient need.

Join hundreds of clinical innovators plus leaders from across the business, such as real-world evidence, medical, and patient centricity, plus key regulatory bodies, providers, and patient representatives

Now more than ever, we need to share ideas and collaborate. Reuters Events Pharma's online solution is the answer.

Haider Alleg, Global Head of Digital, Ferring Ferring Logo Haider Alleg Headshot

Join pharma’s top strategy leaders from across Australia’s top 50 pharma!

4 essential themes

  • Future-ready leadership Unite with industry leaders to create a shared vision for the future of Australian pharma. Develop disaster-proof strategies based on evidence and data gathered throughout the COVID-19 crisis
  • Essential regulatory update and new collaboration framework Understand the effect of new legislature on Medical, Access and Commercial. Learn directly from Medicines Australia and APPA. Work together to reform HTA and access systems to ensure access to innovation for Australians
  • Accelerate digital and data-driven transformation Determine a successful digital model for pharma's new normal. Harness digital engagement, next-gen AI and analytical technologies, big data and push beyond copy-cat strategies to ensure customer longevity
  • A new standard of customer engagement Understand and implement best practices in multi-channel engagement and customer experience. Discover out-of-industry tactics and innovative technologies to reach HCPs through the digital noise

Speaker Highlights for Australia VIRTUAL 2020

Elizabeth de Somer - Headshot
Medicines Australia - Logo

Elizabeth de Somer CEO Medicines Australia

Liz Chatwin - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Liz Chatwin Country President Australia and NZ AstraZeneca

Chris Stemple - Headshot
AbbVie - Logo

Chris Stemple General Manager and VP AbbVie

Christi Kelsey - Headshot
GSK - Logo

Christi Kelsey General Manager GSK

Dr Jason Gavin - Headshot
Leo Pharma - Logo

Dr Jason Gavin General Manager Australia and NZ Leo Pharma

Peter Said - Headshot
Bayer - Logo

Peter Said Head of Patient Engagement Asia Pacific Region Bayer

Stefan Miljkovic - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Stefan Miljkovic Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation Novartis

Richard Vines - Headshot
Rare Cancers Australia - Logo

Richard Vines Chief Executive Rare Cancers Australia

Join pharma’s top strategy leaders from across Australia’s top 50 pharma!

Join groups of attendees including from:

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Representatives include:

  • Marketing Director
  • Medical Director
  • National Field Operations Manager
  • VP Business Development
  • Head of Legal and Compliance
  • Director, Commercial Excellence
  • Head of Regulatory and Market Access
  • Digital Lead Pharma Commercial Operations

Why attend:

A team learning experience

Now more than ever we need to be working together for our customers and patients. Participate as a team to catch every drop of insight, make the most of networking and interactive sessions, transform culture as one and significantly save on costs

Interactive at its core

We know you want more than just a series of online presentations – this is why live Q&A, interactive roundtables, workshops and online networking are all key experiences of Pharma Australia

World-class online networking

Connect with like-minded attendees via a tried and tested, best-in-class platform, as well as interactive virtual workshops, roundtables and social events to facilitate those chance encounters

Get under the skin of the issue

To discover the missing link in your strategies, sometimes issues need to be discussed and debated. Only then will you truly get under the skin of whatever is vexing you and achieve that aha moment. To facilitate this, interactive sessions run throughout the conference including roundtables, workshops and panel discussions.

Benchmark against the best

With an agenda packed with industry leading speakers including the GMs of many of Australia’s top pharma, showing you the successes and challenges faced across their commercial, marketing, medical, patient and access departments – you’ll leave with a clear idea of where you’re at compared to competitors.


You won’t find a better place to connect with pharma marketing decision-makers since over 69% of the pharma attendees are director-level or above.

Join pharma’s top strategy leaders from across Australia’s top 50 pharma!

Exceptional online networking opportunities

You won’t find an online pharma marketing networking experience elsewhere. Pharma Australia is the only place to connect with digital innovators, marketing strategists and tech decision-makers in today’s “new normal”. Here’s how:

  • Connect 1-on-1 with fellow attendees: Over several weeks, you’ll have access to our online networking platform, allowing you to connect with like-minded pharma leaders.
  • Interactivity: Over 30 interactive sessions including virtual workshops, roundtables, live Q&As and panels.

Best-in-class virtual conference experience

World class!


72 our of 100- Net promoter score

A special experience
by any measure!

Join pharma’s top strategy leaders from across Australia’s top 50 pharma!

Attended by pharma and health innovators from:

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Proud to be working with:


Join pharma’s top strategy leaders from across Australia’s top 50 pharma!

Nothing about us, without us!

At Reuters Events Pharma, we practice what we preach. Pharma Australia VIRTUAL agenda was developed with patients, will be delivered with patients, with audience participation form patients.

Patients Included

Join pharma’s top strategy leaders from across Australia’s top 50 pharma!

Delivering an exceptional virtual event experience including:

technology/large/wifi Created with Sketch. Watch Live Watch presentations, fireside chats and panel discussions from top industry thought-leaders all day, every day!

user-interface/large/comment-add Created with Sketch. Discuss Comment and question in real time. Spark conversations with your fellow attendees and build those relationships with instant chat, video calls and discussion groups.

files-folders/large/question Created with Sketch. Question Get in-depth answers in real-time with our live Q&A sessions with every presentation and panel speaker!

technology/large/player-19 Created with Sketch. On-Demand Missed a session? Catch-up in your own time through our on-demand service for 2 weeks. Imagine Netflix but the best of pharma thought leadership.

shopping/large/mobile-touch Created with Sketch. Personalize Create your own conference agenda and export it to your calendar, so you don’t miss business critical sessions.

business-finance/large/connect Created with Sketch. Connect Meet and build relationships with fellow attendees who share the same challenges and interests as you with our Intelligent Networking platform (pharma, biotech and sponsors only)

Continue to build your network – even in isolation*

* Pharma and Biotech attendees and sponsors only

We know that a virtual event doesn’t always deliver on the “chance encounters” that can be so valuable from a physical conference, but with the networking and messaging suite at Pharma Australia 2020, you’ll be guaranteed a service that allows you to connect with and meet attendees who are relevant to your business, interests and challenges.

  • Connect with the right peers:  With 450+ attendees, it can be hard to know who to connect with on the virtual platform but with Intelligent Networking, you’ll be recommended peers to connect with, based on the same interests and challenges you face.
  • Build relationships: With instant chat, video calls and discussion groups all within the Pharma Australia 2020 virtual platform, you can build relationships with speakers, attendees and sponsors,
  • Dig deep into the topics that matter to you: With private and public discussion groups on specific topic areas, you’ll be able to connect with attendees that care about the things you do, and discuss solutions and future opportunities.

How it works

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Instant chat

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Video calls

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Roundtable discussions

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Searchable attendee list

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Schedule meetings

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Private group chats

Real decision-makers

Other events say they attract senior executives - people with clout, budget, ideas and a mission. We really mean it. 2000 of them.

Real diversity

Pharma Australia attracts the widest APAC audience of any Australian event:

Here to help

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