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In today’s complex and fast-moving business climate, rapidly adapting to change is fundamental.

The companies that keep pace with technological and regulatory development will survive…

…But only those with real clarity of purpose, fast evolving organisational capability and the right connections will thrive.

Reuters Events exists to deliver the intelligence and foster the relationships that shape strategy and secures the future for leading companies worldwide.

Reuters Events: A Dynamic Global Business

Grown through endeavour… powered by results

Founded as FCBI round a kitchen table in 1990, originally with a focus on emerging markets, the company has grown organically in size and influence ever since.

Operating from a single central London base, Reuters Events is now one of the largest and fastest growing events companies anywhere in the world.

Reuters Events serve a diverse range of industries and place a focus on the challenges and opportunities resulting from technological and strategic innovation.

Collage of iamges from events we have run

A company built around better understanding what businesses really want and need

The dedicated, semi-autonomous industry teams at Reuters Events work to foster close relationships with the customers they serve; and a deep understanding of the strategic challenges they face.

In-depth research underpins the development of all products, resulting in highly focused and carefully curated information and event agendas.

Speaker faculties are made up of senior executives with critical insight on topics targeted. Exhibitions are geared to showcase the solutions of providers at the forefront of their fields.

As pioneers in the use of content for community development and marketing we foster year-round contact with our customers. The quality and value of the information we generate drives loyalty and underpins why our brands are considered leaders in their respective markets.

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We offer help in the sectors where it’s needed most, using specialist industry knowledge to promote development.

We research the most difficult business questions to help our customers address their biggest problems and determine their strategy. Whether it’s studies on the progress of emerging technologies, data on fast-moving markets, or updates on regulatory change, we’re always up to speed.

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A customer base made up of the world's
most innovative companies

We work with and for the most future-focused businesses worldwide. They rely on Reuters Events to support them in solving critical business challenges and honing strategies to thrive in today’s constantly evolving markets.

Here are just a few of the household names we host year-in year-out:

Uber - Logo
Shell - Logo
Dhl - Logo
Panasonic - Logo
Schenker - Logo
Best Buy - Logo
Coty - Logo
Lilly - Logo
Oxo - Logo
Dell - Logo
Caterpillar - Logo
Farmers Insurance - Logo
Unreal Engine - Logo
Ups - Logo
Citi - Logo
Ibm - Logo
Intel - Logo
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Abb - Logo
Lg - Logo
Dow - Logo
Gsk - Logo
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Metro - Logo
Ceva - Logo
Comcast - Logo
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Attendees that call the shots

Quality attendance is key to our value proposition. Our events attract senior decision makers, domain experts and industry key influencers as a rule. The result: forums where business gets done – not just discussed.

18% C-level / President

32% Director / SVP

11% VP

Industry Brands + Portfolio of Events

Reuters Events brands provide events, reports, and expert-driven content for the following communities:

Industry Brand Area of Focus
Pharmaceuticals eyeforpharma

Focus: Pharmaceuticals – commercial, sales & marketing strategy, market access, data and evidence, patient centricity

Customers: Pharmaceutical companies, strategy and technology experts, health care providers, patient advocacy groups

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

Energy Petrochemical Update

Focus: Petrochemicals & Refining - engineering, construction, workforce development, operations & maintenance, supply chain & logistics

Customers: petrochemical companies, refining companies, utilities, contractors, financial institutions, government authorities

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

New Energy Update

Focus: Renewable Energy - wind, solar (PV & CSP), tidal, wave, bio, energy storage

Customers: Energy producers, utilities, contractors, operators, financial institutions, government authorities and service providers

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

Nuclear Energy Insider

Focus: Nuclear Energy - plant construction, SMRs, O&M, plant digitalization, decommissioning and waste management

Customers: Utilities, operating companies, EPCs, OEMs, suppliers, government bodies, regulatory organizations and financial institutions

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

Decom World

Focus: Oil & Gas – late life strategy, decommissioning & abandonment, asset integrity, data driven production

Customers: Independent operators, national oil companies, regulatory bodies, service providers and suppliers.

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

Transport & Travel eyefortransport (

Focus: Transport - supply chain, logistics, distribution,  data-driven innovations and technology

Customers: Logistics & distribution providers, global retailers & manufacturers, solution providers

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

Eye for Travel

Focus: Travel - distribution strategies, mobile and technology, revenue management, data management, social media, marketing

Customers: Travel suppliers (hotels, airlines, ground transport and cruise companies), intermediaries and technology providers

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

Insurance Insurance Nexus

Focus: Insurance – innovation strategy, IoT, digital transformation and customer engagement

Customers: Global insurance providers and reinsurers, technology companies

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

Strategy & Technology The Incite Group

Focus: Marketing - communications, advertising, customer engagement, brand management, data, social media, mobile

Customers: Global brands (retail, banking, travel, mobile, publishing, entertainment, sports, solution providers and tech companies)

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

Ethical Corporation

Focus: Business Ethics – CSR strategy,  communications, environment, risk, governance, compliance and supply chain

Customers: executives from global brands, NGOs, think-tanks, academia and governments

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

VR Intelligence

Focus: Virtual Reality - consumer and business applications of VR [AR and immersive technologies]

Customers: Game developers & publishers, Film & broadcast media studios, Content studios, Advertising & marketing agencies, Enterprise / consumer brands, Tech software developers, Tech hardware manufacturers

Brand Homepage: Click here for industry news and insight

Events: Click here to see a full event line-up

We’re always looking for good people

The Reuters Events work environment will provide you with a thorough business education.

Whatever path you take in the organisation, you’ll develop business skills that put you head and shoulders above your peers at the same stage of career development – most importantly, you’ll develop the judgment to make good business decisions in different environments and situations.

Your personal development will be delivered by a mix of on-the-job learning (supported by experienced and highly talented mentors) and formal external training.

As one ex-employee (now a director at a FTSE 100 company) once commented: “Working at Reuters Events is better than an MBA”

How do we deliver this?

Reuters Events employees are given training in the fundamentals of business from the word go. The name of the game is continuous improvement and you’re expected to hit the ground running!

To facilitate this Reuters Events operates a 70-20-10 split to learning and development, where:

  • 70% is on the job. I.e. you’re doing things yourself from day one
  • 20% is with a mentor. This could be your manager, an experienced team member, or a peer. Part of your development should be striving to become a mentor, and taking on further responsibility.
  • 10% is formal. E.g. in a classroom environment


Reuters Events looks for interesting, passionate people; when we find them, we’ll work hard to keep them challenged and fulfilled. The focus is to have as many great individuals working together as we can.

There is no ‘typical’ employee - we want a great mix of unique traits, cultures and voices. The common thread among us all is a desire to make things happen and come up with the way to do it well.

What do we offer?

We operate a progression setup built upon merit. I.e. No need to wait for the person hired before you to get promoted. If you’re good enough, the next step is yours to take.

  • a workplace without micromanagement, where employees are given responsibility for their projects from the word go
  • a performance-driven environment where you’ll be given responsibility for your own success
  • training and development to help you reach your full potential
  • the skills and support to make your own business decisions
  • a culture that encourages staff to grasp big opportunities rather than pulling them up on small mistakes room to learn from your own experiences
  • the chance to share in the rewards of your success
  • A culture of trust
  • Profit Share Scheme
  • Product Research Bonuses
  • Pension Scheme
  • A range of fitness related benefits such as; FC Netball, Football, corporate gym membership and fresh fruit deliveries every morning.

What’s available now

Understand what we do

You’ve read all the information on our site, but you want to get a feel for what we really do? Watch the videos below to gain a deeper understanding of Reuters Events

Responsibility is important to us

Reuters Events is proud to support and raise funds for local charities, including:

  • Whitechapel Mission - A homeless charity serving both men and women caught in the cycles of poverty, hopelessness and dependencies of all kinds, and aims to see their lives transformed to hope, joy and lasting productivity.
  • East London Business Alliance - We have an annual partnership with ELBA, regularly taking part in events to support local communities in East London including:
    • Youth employability workshops (CV advice, interview skills training)
    • Decorating playgrounds and youth drop in centres
    • Supporting local communities by helping to maintain green spaces
    • Helping local primary schools prepare for events such as Christmas

In addition, we sponsor our employees in their efforts to raise money for many other charities – just take a look at some of the pictures below:

Three people selling cakes
Group image of cycling team
Group image of people at a nursery
Group image of people at a sporting event
Photo of somone playing football about to kick the ball
Photo of 4 people running around a track