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Setting the Mobility Agenda

Global pandemic has completely changed the way people move around.

The Mobility Summit connects the leading federal, state and city officials with the C-Suite in transit and mobility from largest technology, infrastructure, OEM and mobility companies on the planet.

Join us to identify the business models, infrastructural requirements and public/private partnerships that finance mobility projects, reduce emissions and enable the safe and equitable movement of people, goods and services.

The 2020 Mobility Summit has now ended

Exclusive Interviews Conducted by Reuters Editorial Includes:

Sadiq Khan - Headshot
City of London - Logo

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London City of London

Kate Gallego - Headshot
City of Phoenix - Logo

Kate Gallego Mayor City of Phoenix

Eric Garcetti - Headshot
City of Los Angeles - Logo

Eric Garcetti Mayor of Los Angeles City of Los Angeles

Garlin Gilchrist II - Headshot
State of Michigan - Logo

Garlin Gilchrist II Lt. Governor State of Michigan

Axel Threlfall - Headshot
Reuters - Logo

Axel Threlfall Editor-at-Large Reuters

Patrick J. Foye - Headshot
Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Logo

Patrick J. Foye Chairman and CEO Metropolitan Transportation Authority

*Please note: This interview is conducted by Reuters editorial, which operates independently from the Reuters commercial operations. Reuters journalists have the sole right to determine who they interview and the questions they ask, with no regard to sponsorship and in keeping with the Trust Principles of integrity, independence and freedom from bias.

Reuters Events Mobility showcases the world’s most senior collection of leaders committed to delivering a sustainable, equitable and profitable low-emission mobility future.

Erin Mendenhall - Headshot
Salt Lake City - Logo

Erin Mendenhall Mayor Salt Lake City

Paul Wiedefeld - Headshot
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority - Logo

Paul Wiedefeld CEO Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Sylvester Turner - Headshot
City of Houston - Logo

Sylvester Turner Mayor City of Houston

Randy Clarke - Headshot
Capital Metro - Logo

Randy Clarke CEO Capital Metro

Seleta Reynolds - Headshot
LADOT - Logo

Seleta Reynolds General Manager LADOT

James Corless - Headshot
SACOG - Logo

James Corless Executive Director SACOG

Dr. Joshua Schank - Headshot
LA Metro Office of Extraordinary Innovation - Logo

Dr. Joshua Schank Chief Innovation Officer LA Metro Office of Extraordinary Innovation

Theresa Foxley - Headshot
Economic Development Corporation of Utah - Logo

Theresa Foxley Chief Executive Officer Economic Development Corporation of Utah

David Kim - Headshot
California State Transportation Agency - Logo

David Kim Secretary California State Transportation Agency

Quinton Lucas - Headshot
Kansas City - Logo

Quinton Lucas Mayor Kansas City

Chuck Wemple - Headshot
Houston-Galveston Area Council - Logo

Chuck Wemple Executive Director Houston-Galveston Area Council

Gia Biagi - Headshot
Chicago Department of Transport (CDOT) - Logo

Gia Biagi Commissioner Chicago Department of Transport (CDOT)

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Best-in-class virtual conference experience

This is not our first rodeo. In July this year we ran our European Mobility meeting which was one of the largest industry meetings with over 5,000 attendees engaging over 2 days. Here’s our net promoter score (NPS) from the extensive post event survey and a small snapshot of what people thought…

Reuters Events has an NPS Score of 83.

* Company NPS scores acquired from

Incredible faculty and brilliant insight

World Class content and incredible opportunities to engage live with senior mobility leaders


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5 essential themes for 2020

  • Working with Cities: Strategic partnerships to create sustainable and equitable mobility solutions
  • Financing Mobility: Public/private funding strategies for profitability mobility solutions
  • The Future of Ridership: Transit and ridership challenges, solutions, and opportunities post COVID-19
  • Infrastructure 2.’Zero’: Physical and digital infrastructural solutions for vision zero and net zero targets.
  • Business Models, Innovation & UX: Investment strategies and profitable business models for evolving user behaviors

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Six Reasons Why Reuters Events Mobility is Unique

CEO and Board Level News

Gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s biggest names on what progress has been made and what opportunities lie ahead

All Stakeholders, All Assets, One Place

We cannot succeed alone. Join leaders from across the transport, auto and energy spectrum to tackle the tackle mobility head-on!

Practical Case Studies

The ONLY forum to deep-dive into case studies from P3s, test beds, data sharing, investment, on-demand routing and more!

Industry Driven Agenda

Our bespoke agendas are crafted by industry, for industry with carefully selected themes and discussions to provide a conclusive guide to your mobility strategy

Reuters Editorial Interviews

Our editorial colleagues are keen to drive debate and will leave live fireside chats onstage with the biggest names in smart city, transportation, investment, auto and mobility! Prepare for household names to take to the stage with direction-setting insights and industry leading analysis

1:1 Networking Services

You cannot succeed through transition alone. Join us for 2+ days of bespoke 1-2-1 networking through our matchmaking and meetings services for total interaction

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A Brave New World for Mobility: Glance Programme

Mobility and future transportation will be defined by changing customer behaviours, infrastructure, access and opportunity for stakeholders across the entire ecosystem. This comprehensive industry driven agenda will provide business intelligence and identify the opportunities across the following key areas:

The CEO Perspective – Industry Driven Keynotes


City and government leadership have had to balance short term resilience planning with their big picture mobility goals for carbon reduction, safety and equitable access. Now, more than ever before, it is business critical for cities to work with private sector companies to achieve their mobility goals.

  • The State of the Mobility Industry: COVID-19
  • The Role of Mobility in Enabling Energy Transition and Reducing the Carbon Footprint
  • Turning City Resilience Strategies into Sustainable Mobility Solutions

Theme 1: Financing Mobility


  • Financing New Mobility Projects Without ‘Traditional’ Ridership Revenue
  • Why Interoperable Payment Technologies hold the Key to a Fully Integrated, Sustainable & Profitable Transportation Model for the Public & Private Sectors
  • Public/Private Partnerships: A Lifeboat for Mobility Projects and Regional Accelerators?
  • Incentivizing New Public and Private Partnerships to Provide Safe, Sustainable and Low Emission Mobility Options

Theme 2: The Future of Ridership


  • Micromobility Rebooted: From the Scourge of the Sidewalk to the Active Transport Solution
  • Municipalities, Transit Agencies & The Private Sector - How do we make ‘On-Demand’ Work?
  • Re-Defining the ‘Last Mile.’ Why Delivery Businesses are the Catalyst for the Autonomous Revolution
  • Regulating the Data Exchange: OEMs, Transit & Micro Mobility - A Pan-American Strategy for MaaS

Theme 3: Infrastructure 2.’Zero’


  • Widening the Lens: Designing the Infrastructure for Mega Projects & Future Mobility
  • Building the Digital Infrastructure for Public and Private Services: Creating One Multimodal Network
  • Infrastructure and Planning Considerations to Safely Transition to City-Wide Autonomous Technologies
  • Repurposing Intelligent Transport Infrastructure for Sustainable Revenue Generation across Multi-Modal Platforms

Theme 4: Business Models, Innovation & UX


  • How OEMs, Fleet Operators and Mobility Service Providers Are Adapting to Evolving Mobility Demands to Create Profitable Business Models
  • Market Valuation in a New Mobility Landscape: Seed, Growth and Late-Stage Investment Strategies
  • Incentivizing New Public and Private Partnerships to Provide Safe, Sustainable and Low Emission Mobility Options
  • Autonomous Business Models: How driverless technology will benefit the Physical and Digital Movement of People, Goods, Data and Energy

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Set Targets, Build Partnerships, Break News

Reuters Events Mobility presents the opportunity to show leadership and develop strategic partnerships with the industry, debate how we want our future mobility ecosystem to look. Speed and timing will be crucial in securing financing and permits to enable cities and fleets to reach emission targets.

This is an opportunity for business to provide its own answer and establish industry-led targets for Vision Zero, decarbonisation and to take control of its streets. This will rely upon collaboration and understanding between public and private sector on both the challenges and opportunities posed by the future transportation

If you are an mobility company and believe you are a part of the solution, you must join us in October!

Announce Targets

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety, low emissions and sustainable infrastructure and business models.

Unveil the Latest Tech

Be the first to show-case technology capable of driving future mobility

Build Partnerships

Collaboration will be key in the age of transition

Our digital platform serves our global mobility communities with an unparalleled level of business intelligence, news, insight and engagement opportunities. Now, more than ever, it absolutely essential that we come together, share ideas and collaborate.

Luke James, Head of Mobility, Reuters Events Logo Luke James

Register and access our post-conference on-demand recordings here

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5 Reasons Why Reuters Events Mobility Summit is Unique

  1. CEO and Board Level News: Gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s biggest cities, transit agencies and corporations on the future of mobility: technology, regulation, governance and what is next
  2. The Benchmark for Mobility: This is the meeting to shape the future: set precedence, improve mobility, deliver responsible solutions and make world change
  3. Practical Case Studies: The ONLY meeting to focus and delve deep into practical public sector case studies across sustainable testing and mobility solutions
  4. Exclusive ‘Chatham House Rule’ Discussions for industry experts who are ready for open and honest conversations to address real solutions
  5. Business-to-Business Setting: We stay away from ‘fluff’ to cover hard-hitting topics, push boundaries, and deliver useful and practical takeaways

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