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Conquer Peak Season and Cope with the Capacity Crunch

In Partnership with SCANDIT - Logo

The unprecedented demand volumes of the last year are forcing huge pressure on already stretched delivery operations to adapt and scale at speed. Meeting the demands of customers and partners during this period of high volatility is critical and retaining cost control more is important than ever.

This workshop will explore the specifics challenges to establishing last mile operations that can deliver both a structured, and flexible service to customers and will consider how businesses can maximize their efficiency and resilience to cope with ever-growing volumes and future peaks.

Workshop Discussion Points:

  • Last Mile Flexibility: Discuss which processes need to be adapted to effectively and sustainably increase the scalability, speed and agility of your operations, to handle demand fluctuations and boost profitability.
  • Empower your people: Learn how you can further unify your fleet for consistency and quality of service, and how digital initiatives and solutions such as BYOD or COPE help enterprises to remain nimble and optimized throughout the last mile.
  • Technology innovations: Explore which technologies – such as smart/ID scanning and AR enabled apps - can help improve processes to increase efficiency and accuracy when responding to changing consumer demands and real-world impacts.

Supply Chain: From Cost Center to Money Maker

In Partnership with  Ryder Systems - Logo

Workshop Topic:

  • Change the way you view logistics to understand that an enhanced delivery experience drives repeat business and increases your bottom line
  • Realize the full potential of your transportation network by getting all your data in one place (whether that is from your ERP, TMS, YMS or WMS)
  • Digitally map out your transportation network so that you can dynamically adjust to incoming supply chain challenges to get your product to where it is needed
  • Use data analytics for what-if scenario planning that allows you to effectively forecast disruptions (e.g. hurricanes) to ensure these events don’t cripple your supply chain

Data as Competitive Advantage to Meet Changing Customer Expectations

In Partnership with Softtek - Logo

  • Brainstorm planning strategies to predict customer needs, mitigate risk and make meaningful service recommendations
  • Discuss how customer location, purchasing habits and trends can impact your networks
  • Avoid “data overload” by prioritising the valuable data that will allow you to efficiently allocate resources to drive savings across your network

Industry 4.0 and the Rise of the Smart Factory

In Partnership with Fujitsu - Logo

  • Re-evaluate and build resiliency into your current manufacturing operational model to ensure business continuity in the face of ongoing risks
  • Understand how to gain quick and easy wins by digitizing factory processes and prioritising transformative change to evolve into a smarter factory
  • Bake in capacity so that you are equipped to deal with fluctuations in demand to deliver product for your customers

Building a Procurement & Sourcing Strategy Fit for Purpose

In Partnership with SAP Ariba - Logo

  • Understand the importance of moving away from heavy dependency on single sourcing from suppliers and countries that is slowing down your complex supply chain networks
  • Foster cross department collaboration through data visibility to speed up the procurement process and enhance your supply chain’s agility
  • Find out how with increasing focus on environmental sustainability, supplier diversity and wider ethical concerns it is business critical you truly understand your entire procurement network

Reduce Touch Points to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

In Partnership with - Logo

55% of logistics operations still depend upon manual processes and a high-degree of human interaction. Fragmented systems and processes, reduce service levels, impact productivity and customer satisfaction in an already competitive environment.

This interactive discussion seeks to explore common challenges in global logistics and the ways in which businesses are quickly adapting their operations and workflows to reduce manual touch-points and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Maximise the value of existing software investments through tighter integration and digitalization
  • Manage employee productivity and enhance customer experience through targeted automation of manual tasks such as data entry.
  • Avoid “data overload” by prioritizing information and activities to more efficiently and cost-effectively allocate resources

Risk-Mitigation in your Sourcing Strategy

In Partnership with GEP - Logo

  • Assess risk within your network and diversify where appropriate to ensure your sourcing model is sustainable for the long-term
  • Explore collaboration strategies and double sourcing for greater risk mitigation to ensure your supply chain keeps moving
  • Evaluate supplier diversity and environmental sustainability in your network through full visibility of your supplier network

Streamlining the Clunky Supply Chain Execution Process

In Partnership with Industrie Reply - Logo

  • Discover gaps in your Supply Chain created by legacy systems/processes and how Industrie 4.0 is driving transformation across the entire Value Chain
  • Find out how to maximise and plug the holes in your existing software stack by implementing nimble software architecture that streamlines your execution process
  • Understand how streamlining your supply chain execution can be used for competitive advantage by better understanding your customer needs

Building a Dynamic Warehouse Strategy – from First to Last Mile

In Partnership with CenterPoint - Logo

Workshop Topic:

  • Understand the importance of a holistic and dynamic warehouse location strategy to overcome capacity constraints to get product to your customer as fast as possible
  • Learn how retailers and manufacturers are dealing with uncertain demand and supply through strategies such as buffer stocks & utilizing different port of entry options
  • Learn how you can meet your customer’s desire for a speedy and environmentally sustainable delivery by placing sustainability at the center of your fulfilment strategy

Delivering Operational Excellence in the Last Mile

In Partnership with Scandit - Logo

Workshop Topic:

  • Demand Fluctuations: Consider the new digital technologies (e.g. smart scanning and AR-enabled mobile apps) that are being used to ensure last mile operations can scale to meet demand variations, while reducing costs
  • Driver Centricity: Discuss the new processes & technologies (e.g. batch parcel scanning, BYOD models or automated ID scanning for age-verified delivery) that are being used to retain drivers by enhancing the driver-delivery experience 
  • Change Management: Open-up communication streams with your drivers, customers & other relevant stakeholder to ensure that roadblocks to change are overcome efficiently

Interactive sessions will be attended by many of the following companies:

Supply Chain Leaders from all Industry Verticals:

  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • eCommerce
  • Chemicals
  • Automotive
  • Hi-tech & Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • CPG

Senior Execs from Logistics & Transportation Providers:

  • Air Freight
  • Trucking Marketplaces
  • Digital Freight Platforms
  • Warehousing
  • Last Mile Couriers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Rail Operators
  • Terminals / Ports
  • Logistics Service providers
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