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XR USA 2020 November 19th – 20th, 2020|San Diego Mission Bay Resort|San Diego, California, USA

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Friday 12th June, 13:00 BST / 14:00 CET

Women in Immersive Technology: Shaping the New Normal

We are fully committed to gender equality at XR Intelligence by Reuters Events and believe that it leads to more diverse conversations and fruitful interactions.

We are currently putting together a panel of the most innovative women breaking new ground in immersive technology. We believe that only by uniting women at the forefront of this exciting industry can we achieve the equality and insights needed to propel the XR industry to dizzying new heights.

More updates are coming soon and be sure to register your place today - registrations are capped at 5000 and this is expected to be our most in-demand webinar yet!

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Reuters Events are joined by HP

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On Demand

THURSDAY 25TH JUNE, 8:30AM PT / 11:30AM ET / 4:30PM BST

Reuters Events are joined by HP

XR Intelligence is running an exclusive webinar with HP and some of their collaborators to reveal their sneak peek into the latest headset, its capabilities and the applications for which it can deliver the greatest ROI.

Check out this webinar if you are interested or work in any of the following:

  • XR content creator studios
  • Training or higher education
  • Manufacturing or product development
  • Architecture, engineering and construction
  • Gaming or location based entertainment

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XR Capacity building to adapt to the “Brave New Virtual World”


  • Malte Hedemann, Business Lead Digital Realities Team, Volkswagen
  • Kyle Daughtry, Immersive Technology Studios Solutions Architect, ExxonMobil
  • Jennifer Rogers, Head of Learning, Anglo American
  • Terry R. Schussler, Senior Director of Spatial Computing, Deutsche Telekom
  • Ferhan Ozkan, Co-founder, XR Bootcamp

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16th April, 10am PST

Don’t you get it yet? Getting nonusers to become users of XR and see the benefit.


  • Earl F. Sison, Sr. Designer, Digital VR & AR Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Mike Domaguing, SVP, Partnerships and Publishing, Survios
  • Rafi Nizam, Vice President Creative, NBC Universal Media
  • Terry R. Schussler, Senior Director, Spatial Computing, Deutsche Telekom
  • Bob Fine, Executive Director, International Virtual Reality and Healthcare Association

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State of the XR industry in 2020

Contributors include:

  • SuperData, a Nielsen Company
  • HTC Vive
  • NBC Universal Media

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Stefan's XR Entertainment London Tour

Stefan's XR Entertainment London Tour is a mini documentary series by XR Intelligence by Reuters Events examining a range of LBVR (Location Based Virtual Reality) venues across London. Meet the owners, employees and customers from venues including OTHERWORLD, DNA VR, Pitch London and Hyper Reality!


Coming soon!

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