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Business leaders across the food value chain unite to safeguard
global food security, improve consumer health & conserve the planet

Connecting food industry leaders to create real impact…

The food and agriculture industry is undergoing massive transformation. Companies face an increasingly complex operating environment, but have great opportunities for impact. Changes were already coming. The impact of COVID-19 has just accelerated the need for urgent action.

Unprecedented global economic shifts, changing consumer demands, an increasing focus on environmental stewardship, major supply chain advances and a wave of new technological disruptions are creating real opportunities and challenges for farmers and companies operating right across the food value chain.

Consumers are demanding ever more choice, transparency and sustainability and food companies are struggling to keep up. So, what strategies and tools do we need to help increase innovation throughout the food chain and drive action at every point from the field to the plate?

Reuters Events Food Chain Connect 2020 will unite industry leaders passionate about challenging what’s possible and developing responsible solutions to deliver a better global food system.

Join thousands of virtual attendees!

Uniting business leaders from across the food value chain…

Over the coming weeks, we will be showcasing the latest speakers to confirm their dedication and commitment to this landmark congress. Get ready for the most senior collection of food and agriculture business leaders you have ever seen in one place!

Anton Vincent - Headshot
Mars Wrigley North America - Logo

Anton Vincent President Mars Wrigley North America

Mark Clouse - Headshot
Campbell Soup Company - Logo

Mark Clouse President and CEO Campbell Soup Company

Tom McGough - Headshot
Conagra Brands - Logo

Tom McGough EVP and Co-Chief Operating Officer Conagra Brands

Hanneke Faber - Headshot
Unilever - Logo

Hanneke Faber President Global Foods & Refreshment Unilever

Glen Walter - Headshot
Mondelēz International - Logo

Glen Walter EVP & President, North America Mondelēz International

Andre Nogueira - Headshot
JBS USA - Logo

Andre Nogueira President & CEO JBS USA

Teddy Bekele - Headshot
Land O’Lakes - Logo

Teddy Bekele Chief Technology Officer Land O’Lakes

Danyel Bischof-Forsyth - Headshot
Tyson Foods - Logo

Danyel Bischof-Forsyth Vice President, IT Tyson Foods

Rizal Hamdallah - Headshot
Ocean Spray - Logo

Rizal Hamdallah Global Chief Innovation Officer Ocean Spray

Lawrence Kurzius - Headshot
McCormick & Company - Logo

Lawrence Kurzius Chairman, President and CEO McCormick & Company

Ron Hovsepian - Headshot
Indigo - Logo

Ron Hovsepian Chief Executive Officer Indigo

Zippy Duvall - Headshot
American Farm Bureau Federation - Logo

Zippy Duvall President American Farm Bureau Federation

5 essential themes for 2020

  • Adjusting to a New World: Benefit from a strategic review of the challenges, solutions, and future post COVID-19 for food & agriculture
  • Adapting to Changing Consumer Demands: Get insights on shifting consumer expectations, and how you need to adapt to take full advantage
  • Meeting Sustainability Goals: Hear how best to reduce negative environmental and social impacts across your operations and the benefits it can bring
  • Leveraging Technology and Data: Discover how digital technologies and an increasing focus on data analysis are revolutionizing food production, processing and supply
  • Collaborating for Success: Find out why working together with supply chain partners and establishing cross-company benefits is crucial to staying ahead

Learn from 25+ online sessions and interact with 40+ speakers

Watch Live Watch presentations, fireside chats and panel discussions from top food & agriculture industry thought leaders all day, every day.

Discuss Comment and question in real time. Spark conversations with your 5000+ fellow attendees. Follow up with interesting ideas in the digital networking suite!

Question Get in-depth answers in real-time during our live Q&A sessions throughout the event.

On-Demand Missed a session? Catch-up in your own time through our on-demand service. Imagine Netflix but focused on delivering the best Food & Agriculture industry thought leadership.

A Brand New Virtual Exhibition If you want to find the solution providers that are driving innovation across food & agriculture, you can find your next partners in our digital exhibition. Don’t forget to leave a digital business card!

Audience Interactivity We know that opportunities to interact with your peers are what make events special. That’s why wherever possible and using the latest technology we will continue to deliver live Q&As, breakout sessions, workshops and audience polls.

Join thousands of virtual attendees!

Agenda at a Glance: Delivering a Guide to the Future of Food

How food is produced, distributed and consumed in the coming decades will provide unparalleled opportunity for stakeholders across the food chain.

This comprehensive industry driven agenda will shed light on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the industry, with a focus on the following key areas:

C-level Driven Keynotes

  • The changing face of global food and how the industry is adapting
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the food industry. What does the new normal look like?
  • How changes in food preferences and consumer expectations are bringing new challenges and opportunities through the entire food chain
  • Can established players stay relevant as innovation accelerates across the food industry?
  • Where’s investment needed to improve efficiencies and profits in the food industry? And where’s it actually going?
  • The power of technology & data to increase efficiencies in food production & supply
  • What do consumers really want to know about where their food comes from? And how should the food industry respond?
  • Exploring the big global food trends and what’s coming next

Theme 1: The Future of Food Production

  • Precision agriculture – what does it really mean right now as farming evolves?
  • Spreading the cost of production to drive a sustainable food system
  • Regenerative agriculture: A niche play or a potential global megatrend?
  • Commercializing microbiomes and microbiome products for agriculture

Theme 2: The Future of Food Supply & Retail

  • The digital transformation of food supply
  • Putting the food producer center stage in food supply and the shift to localization
  • Why transparency and traceability are now business critical for food manufacturers and retailers
  • The new era of food & grocery retail – what’s changing and how are companies adapting?

Why Reuters Events: Food Chain Connect is Unique

CEO and Board Level News

Get access to first-hand insights from the food & agriculture industry’s biggest names on the latest progress being made and what opportunities lie ahead

All Stakeholders, All Company Types, One Place

We cannot succeed in changing the food system alone. Collaboration is essential. Join leaders from across food & agriculture to tackle the challenges head on!

Real Life Practical Case Studies

The ONLY forum that brings you deep-dive case studies from right across food production, supply and retail giving a clear picture of the key trends arising

An Industry Driven Agenda

Our bespoke agendas are crafted by industry, for industry with carefully selected themes and discussions to provide a conclusive guide to your future strategy

Reuters Editorial Involvement

Our editorial colleagues will lead interviews and panels onstage with the biggest names in food. Prepare for household names to provide direction-setting insights and industry leading analysis throughout

Mix With Real Industry Leaders

Interact with our speakers and sponsors and walk away from this event with a clear picture of who's driving change and innovation across food & agriculture

Executive Attendees Already Confirmed to Attend From:

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Mission Statement

The food and agriculture industry faces an increasingly complex operating environment, but has great opportunities for impact.

How we feed an ever growing global population in a sustainable way with a focus on supporting positive health outcomes and meeting changing consumer demands are huge questions that the industry is grappling with.

Disrupted by technology, changing expectations and new market entrants, we are entering a new era where collaboration and shared responsibility are paramount. Our mission is to help you navigate this landscape by uniting the most influential CEOs and food industry leadership teams to participate in real business discussions to tackle challenges, develop solutions, and set benchmarks.

TOGETHER we can redesign a food system to fit our modern needs.

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