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There’s No Business on a Dead Planet…

2021 is a make or break moment for sustainable business. Your company needs to shift towards a collectively sustainable mindset throughout its operations and value chain, embedding sustainable practices into every job function.

Delivering a sustainable business is no longer limited to the Sustainability function; your business' entire value chain has a critical role to play in transforming business to be both purpose and profit driven. You must adopt innately sustainable practices to uphold and advance the reputation, resilience, and long-term profitability of your business. To make demonstrable advancements you must focus your efforts onto your supply chain which harbours the biggest issues but also opportunities. You must scale your collaborations and partnerships, support your procurement teams and deploy all available technology.

Reuters Events: Transform Europe 2021 will convene 2,000+ senior sustainability executives directly responsible for implementing systemic sustainable change across complex, global supply chains.

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Executive Speaker Faculty Includes:

Juvencio Maeztu - Headshot
Ingka Holding - Logo

Juvencio Maeztu Deputy CEO, Management Board Member and Chief Financial Officer Ingka Holding

Cristina Kenz - Headshot
Kraft Heinz - Logo

Cristina Kenz Chief Sustainability & Growth Officer Kraft Heinz

Dave Ingram - Headshot
Unilever - Logo

Dave Ingram Chief Procurement Officer Unilever

Jim Townsend - Headshot
Walgreens Boots Alliance - Logo

Jim Townsend Chief Procurement Officer Walgreens Boots Alliance

Chris Daly - Headshot
PepsiCo Europe - Logo

Chris Daly Chief Sustainability Officer PepsiCo Europe

Miguel Veiga-Pestana - Headshot
Reckitt - Logo

Miguel Veiga-Pestana Head of Corporate Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer Reckitt

Vanessa Wright - Headshot
Pernod Ricard - Logo

Vanessa Wright Chief Sustainability Officer Pernod Ricard

LATEST UPDATE: Executives that have confirmed to attend Transform Europe this week include

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Transform Europe 2021: Sustainability as the Business Imperative

This year’s Transform Europe will convene leading C-Suite executives to share and discuss the business-critical agenda tackling all the most important areas key for a sustainable transition including:

Delivering Net Zero:

With much of a company’s impact in their supply chain, this is where the battle to deliver a net-zero economy will be won [or lost]. All eyes are on companies with zero tolerance for greenwashing or carbon offsetting shortcuts. Align yourself with the organizations on their net zero journeys delivering strategized, goal-driven and transparent change across their supply chain

Transforming Supplier Relationships:

Scope 3 emissions pose the biggest challenge for businesses with large, complex supply chains and a mutually advantageous working relationships with your suppliers is essential. Hear from industry leaders as we explore contract extensions, collaborations, de-commoditisation efforts, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), and making supply chain specific targets and goals to transform your supplier relationship

Re-evaluating the Plastics and Waste Dilemma:

For many businesses, going fully circular isn’t achievable in the short-term. With the lack of commercially viable infrastructure and products available the war on plastics must be re-evaluated. Understand how you can take a refreshed look at the plastic and waste dilemma by finding ways to reduce, remove, replace or simply reconsider plastics across your value chain.

Sustainability as Your Business Imperative:

Delivering a sustainable business is no longer limited to the Sustainability function, Your company needs to shift towards a collectively sustainable mindset throughout its operations and value chain, embedding sustainable practices into every job function. Join us as we discuss the most effective ways companies have found to take a ‘sustainability-first' approach.

Embedding Nature and People at The Heart of Strategy:

Shifting to a purpose-driven business model is a necessity for the long-term profitability and resilience of business. To become climate positive, the purpose of the business must be clear to ensure the business grows while reducing environmental and social impact. Align yourself with the businesses that are already repositioning their strategies behind people and nature and reaping the benefits

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Executives who will be in attendance include:

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Natura's Logo
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  • CEO
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chair of the Board
  • General Counsel
  • Head of Energy & Energy Transition
Supply Chain:
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • VP Supply Chain
  • Director Supply Chain Management
  • Strategy
  • Decarbonisation
  • EV, Logistics and Transportation 
  • Technology
  • Operations Director
  • Engineer
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Purchasing Director
  • Commodity Director
  • VP Of Procurement
  • VP Energy Procurement
  • Category Purchasing Manager
  • Materials Director
  • Chief Environment Officer
  • EHS and Environment
  • Environmental Corporate Responsibility
  • Environment Analyst
  • CO2 reduction manager
  • Minister of Energy and Environment  
  • Senior Advisor
  • Chair
  • Directorate
  • General Secretary

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Why Transform Europe 2021 is a Must-Attend Event

Taking a hard look at how to make sustainability the business imperative

Transform Europe 2021 is a unique a forum that brings together senior business leaders to share real business strategies and ideas that are addressing the key ESG issues currently faced. Across 12+ hours of daily broadcasts and workshops we will provide you the access to those leading the change through our live keynotes, case studies, panel discussions and Q&A sessions to make sure you can make real change to your company for a better future.

On-demand content

Don’t miss a thing – the all-access pass gives you access to all the sessions On-Demand from the Transform Europe 2021, plus all other events in 2021.

From the comfort of your desk

Stay safe at home with all this business insights from industry-leading decision makers to view at your leisure and help take your sustainability strategies from ambition to action.

Issue-based workshops

To get to the crux of an issue requires honest, frank and open discussion. At Transform Europe 2021 we will host workshops and roundtables on key topics. If you would like the chance to host one of your own at Transform Europe, get in touch with

The Supply Chain Perspective

There is no question that most of the hard work must be done in the supply chain. Businesses must help deliver on climate and social action across their sphere of influence where it will have the most positive impact.

Across the two days we’ll be hosting sessions and interactive ‘meet and speak’ opportunities where corporates, suppliers, and vendors can share their ideas and strategies to build a resilient, agile supply chain fit for a clean, sustainable, just future.

Global leaders that are driving real action

Gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s biggest names on how we can take action now to transform business for a better, more resilient future.

  • Dave Ingram, Chief Procurement Officer, Unilever
  • Regine Lucas, Chief Procurement Officer, L’Oréal
  • Cristina Kenz, Chief Sustainability Officer, Kraft Heinz
  • Jim Townsend, Chief Procurement Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Stacey Tank, Chief Transformation Officer, Heineken

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Participate in one of the many live panels happening over the 2 days. Other panellists include Sustainability and Procurement leaders from fortune 500 brands viewable on our agenda

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Early bird discount! Confirm your place today and save € – Discount ends Friday

Early bird discount! Confirm your place today and save € – Discount ends Friday

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