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Delivering the Utility of the Future

The IEA estimates that 29% of global electricity comes from renewable sources, with projections set on an upward trajectory. How can utility companies disrupt traditional markets through electrification and swap carbon for electrons?

Reuters Events: Utility Transition 2022 deep dives into the decarbonisation of the grid, explores how data can be harnessed to inform meaningful decision making, and delivers a definitive guide to digital utility 4.0.

Run as part of our flagship energy transition program, we look forward to welcoming global utility leaders to learn, engage and action meaningful change. Join us as we chart the path to net zero power and deliver the utility of future, today.

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A Boardroom Utility Meeting – Speaker Reveal!

Over the coming weeks we will be announcing the utility leaders committed to transition and ready to build the grid of the future. Here are the first six, stay tuned for more!

Ralph Izzo - Headshot
PSEG - Logo

Ralph Izzo Chief Executive Officer PSEG

Ana Paula Marques - Headshot
EDP - Logo

Ana Paula Marques Executive Board Member, Digital EDP

Simone Rossi - Headshot
EDF Energy - Logo

Simone Rossi Chief Executive Officer EDF Energy

Omar Abdulla Alhashmi - Headshot
TAQA - Logo

Omar Abdulla Alhashmi Executive Director of Transmissions and Distribution TAQA

Christian Hoess - Headshot
TE Connectivity - Logo

Christian Hoess Vice President & General Manager EMEA – Energy BU TE Connectivity

Elizabeth Killinger - Headshot
NRG Retail - Logo

Elizabeth Killinger EVP NRG Retail

Harry Sideris - Headshot
Duke Energy - Logo

Harry Sideris EVP Customer Experience, Solutions and Services Duke Energy

Paddy Padmanathan - Headshot
ACWA Power - Logo

Paddy Padmanathan Chief Executive Officer ACWA Power

Diane Leopold - Headshot
Dominion Energy - Logo

Diane Leopold Chief Operating Officer Dominion Energy

Viviana Vitto - Headshot
Enel - Logo

Viviana Vitto Head of Market Strategy and Regulation Analysis, Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks Enel

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Defining Themes for Utility Transition 2022

  • Grid Modernisation & Integration: According to IRENA, aligning with the Paris objectives will require $26 trillion of cumulative investment in electrification and infrastructure through to 2050. How can we upgrade existing infrastructure, ensure more efficient transmission, and deliver a grid fit for the energy transition?
  • Digital Transformation & Utility 4.0: Explore how utility companies are implementing digital by design strategies, ensuring accurate and timely monitoring, and harnessing the power of the digital twin. With utility 4.0 upon us, how can companies turn the avalanche of data into meaningful information to inform business decision making?
  • Clean Grid Technology: How can the energy sector develop new technologies at commercial scale, whilst ensuring cost competitiveness with existing energy sources? Integrating solar, wind, storage, EV and other new technologies into a diversified grid will be critical for a successful energy transition
  • Cybersecurity & Connected Workforce: Increased engagement with climate issues, the emergence of prosumers, and technologies such as smart meters have created a new wave of engaged and empowered workers and consumers. How can both harness the potential of new engagement in the sector, whilst countering potential threats?

Who is Reuters Events: Utility Transition Community?

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Energy Value Chain

Uniting Leaders to Deliver the Utility of the Future

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Representatives include:
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Head of Infrastructure
  • Chief Transmission Officer
  • Chief Architect
  • EVP Power Systems
  • VP Digital Integration
  • Head of Sustainability
  • Chief Information Officer
  • VP Grid Integration
  • VP Data Analytics
  • Head of Digital

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Why is Reuters Events the Leading Utility Forum

CEO & Fortune 500 News

Gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s biggest names on what progress has been made and what opportunities lie ahead.

The Full Transition Ecosystem

We can not succeed in transition alone. Meet, learn and do business with net zero leaders from across the energy, industrial and business ecosystems.

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Get to the crux of your challenges and build new connections in closed-door executive workshops and roundtables under strict Chatham House Rules

Executive Greenroom and Meetings

Build new partnerships and network with industry leading executives through virtual meeting and closed-door speaker greenrooms

Reuters Editorial Interviews

Expect household names of the energy and climate industries to take to the stage through exclusive fireside chats with our editorial colleagues at Reuters

Online Content & Reporting Hub

Stay up-to-date with the latest sustainable and clean technologies through our online content, technology and exclusive reporting hub

Our Vision, Purpose and Mission

It is vital that conversations around climate, decarbonisation and sustainable energy are underpinned by principles of integrity, independence, and freedom from bias. Reuters Events foundation of trust, breadth of scope, and deep vertical industry expertise provides a unique platform upon which to tackle the transition head on and guide companies through their net zero strategy. In a period that will be defined by both uncertainty and opportunity, we can, together, seize the initiative and lighten the way forward.

Join the World’s Premium Utility Meeting

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Reuters Events: Utility Transition 2022 provides a unique forum to demonstrate leadership, debate the future of our energy system and deliver real action.

Join us in March to turn rhetoric into action, drive towards a sustainable future and secure your place in the energy ecosystem of tomorrow.

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