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21 March: Utilities on the Road to Net Zero

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Reuters Events: Energy Transition unites leaders from across the energy, industrial, business and government ecosystems to shed light on the defining issue of our time. Our first meeting of the year, Utility Transition 2022 will unite digital, infrastructure and strategy leaders to define the future of grid and deliver the utility of the future.

Join us for an opening day of bespoke curated keynotes, exclusive fireside chats, and technology showcases as we chart the path for utility companies through the energy transition.

22 March: Decentralising Energy

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Powering the Future [Panel]

Amidst a growing awareness of the need for urgent action to tackle climate and sustainability issues, modern economies continue to depend on reliable and affordable electricity. The challenge for utility companies is clear: how can they disrupt traditional systems through electrification, grow market share, and power the future with clean energy?

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New Energy Infrastructure in Transition [Panel]

According to a recent IRENA report, aligning with the Paris objectives will require $26 trillion of cumulative investment in electrification and infrastructure through to 2050. How can we upgrade or retrofit existing infrastructure? How can operators ensure the most efficient transmission? What companies are ready to begin building the future grid, today?

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Consumer Connectivity, Demand Growth, and Energy Equity [Panel]

Increased engagement with climate issues, the emergence of prosumers, and technologies such as smart meters have created a new wave of engaged and empowered energy consumers. That said, the impacts of climate change continue to disproportionally impact disadvantaged communities. Identify the impact of consumer engagement on utility strategy and explore how companies are meeting customer demands for clean and affordable energy.

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Defining Discussions: Keynotes, Presentations & Fireside Chats

Integrated Decentralisation: A Systems Level Approach?

The IEA estimates that 29% of global electricity comes from renewable sources, and all projections suggest that this figure is on an upward trajectory. A system level approach that breaks down both internal and external silos will be crucial for utility companies navigating the transition. How can utilities integrate variable renewables into a decentralised energy mix, and ensure flexible distributed generation?

But What About Baseload?

Despite falling unit costs, variable renewable supply rarely matches the demand curve. As traditional fuels are phased out through transmission, how will utilities overcome the baseload challenge? Whilst low-carbon generation through nuclear, geothermal, and hydrogen all hold potential, long-duration storage offers additional potential to firm the grid. Explore what solutions exist today, and the innovations with the most potential for the decade to come.

Energy Leaders: In Conversation with Reuters

Join for an exclusive series of interviews with leading energy executives, tackling the big strategic questions facing utility companies through the transition. Be prepared for breaking news, direction setting targets, and a strategic roadmap to the utility of the future

23 March: Digital Transformation and Utility 4.0

00:00am – 00:00am (ZONE)

The Utility 4.0: Digital by Design [Panel]

Comprehensive, complete, and high-quality data is fundamental to utility companies’ ability to deliver upon their digitalisation strategies. That said, this quest for certainty clashes with real-world limitations surrounding infrastructure, affordability, and reliability. Explore how utility companies are implementing digital by design strategies, ensuring accurate and timely monitoring, and harnessing the power of the digital twin.

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Scaling Up: Storage & The Clean Grid Technology Question [Panel]

How can the energy sector develop new technologies at commercial scale, whilst ensuring cost competitiveness with existing energy sources? The last 20 years has seen rapid expansion for wind and solar, but timelines for new development are tight if we are to deliver on 2050 targets. How can ‘plug and play’ solutions be used to integrate new innovations, what storage solutions can be integrated at scale, where do the gaps in R&D lie?

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Charged Up: Mobility, EV’s and Fleet Electrification [Panel]

With eMobility nearing a growth inflection point, utilities are in a unique position to support fleet operators and develop new business opportunities in the transport sector. Meanwhile, fleet vehicles disproportionately contribute to total transportation emissions. How can utility companies begin preparing for the growth of EVs today, whilst greening their own fleets through electrification?

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Defining Discussions: Keynotes, Presentations & Fireside Chats

Managing the Data Avalanche

In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that more than one billion data points are logged each day though smart electric meters. At the same time, countless embedded electronics, sensors, and monitors are creating a data avalanche for integrated utilities. How can we turn this data into meaningful information? Explore the potential of AI, machine learning and digital twins to deliver both cost and carbon efficiencies on the road to zero.

Innovation Show Case

Have you got solutions to share? Get set for an interactive clean technology showcase, shining the spot light on industry change makers. Participants will also feature in Reuters Events: Top 100 Innovators list for 2022. Join us to break news, showcase innovation, and be part of the solution.

Cybersecurity in the Age of IoT

Whilst the potential for digital transformation to accelerate the transition is clear, it also brings new threats and cybersecurity challenges. Explore the shifting mindset from prevention to response, deep dive into case studies of simulated attacks, and understand how to ensure safe and secure networks in the age of the Internet of Things.

24-25 March: Building Partnerships for Success

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Reuters Events will host in-person and online meetings bringing key industry leaders again in 2022. Have you got solutions to share? Join Reuters Events Utility Technology Showcase and secure your place in our Top 100 Innovators list for 2022.

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