The Most Senior & Diverse Speaker Line-Up

Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing USA brings together those who successfully led their brand through the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19. These executives will share how they adapted their strategy to meet new customer expectations and what this means for the future of marketing.

Chris Capossela - Headshot
Microsoft - Logo

Chris Capossela Chief Marketing Officer Microsoft

Ukonwa Kuzi-Orizu Ojo - Headshot
Amazon Prime Video & Studios - Logo

Ukonwa Kuzi-Orizu Ojo Global Chief Marketing Officer Amazon Prime Video & Studios

Pedro Earp - Headshot
Anheuser-Busch InBev - Logo

Pedro Earp Global Chief Marketing Officer Anheuser-Busch InBev

Mayur Gupta - Headshot
USA Today - Logo

Mayur Gupta Chief Marketing Officer USA Today

Dean Aragon - Headshot
Shell Brands - Logo

Dean Aragon CEO Shell Brands

Dan Greenberg - Headshot
Sharethrough - Logo

Dan Greenberg President Sharethrough

Joe Marinucci - Headshot
Digital Media Solutions - Logo

Joe Marinucci Chief Executive Officer Digital Media Solutions

Duncan Fulton - Headshot
Restaurant Brands International - Logo

Duncan Fulton Chief Corporate Officer Restaurant Brands International

Melissa Grady - Headshot
General Motors - Logo

Melissa Grady Chief Marketing Officer, Cadillac General Motors

Jill Baskin - Headshot
Hershey - Logo

Jill Baskin Chief Marketing Officer Hershey

Raja Rajamannar - Headshot
Mastercard - Logo

Raja Rajamannar Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Mastercard

Michelle Peluso - Headshot
CVS Health - Logo

Michelle Peluso Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer CVS Health

Nadja Bellan-White - Headshot
VICE Media - Logo

Nadja Bellan-White Chief Marketing Officer VICE Media

Alicia Dietsch - Headshot
AT&T - Logo

Alicia Dietsch Senior Vice President, Business Marketing AT&T

Melissa Hobley - Headshot
OKCupid - Logo

Melissa Hobley Global CMO OKCupid

Dave Rogers - Headshot
Harman - Logo

Dave Rogers President, Lifestyle Harman

Evan Jones - Headshot
Fender - Logo

Evan Jones Chief Marketing Officer Fender

Linda Goldstein - Headshot
CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer - Logo

Linda Goldstein Executive Vice President, CX & Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, CSAA CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer

Andrew McKechnie - Headshot
Verizon - Logo

Andrew McKechnie Chief Creative Officer Verizon

John Dillon - Headshot
Denny’s - Logo

John Dillon Chief Brand Officer Denny’s

Bruce Brien - Headshot
Hive9 - Logo

Bruce Brien Chief Strategy Officer Hive9

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Margo Kahnrose - Headshot
Skai - Logo

Margo Kahnrose Chief Marketing Officer Skai

Jillian Gibbs - Headshot
APR - Logo

Jillian Gibbs Founder & CEO APR

Craig Charney - Headshot
AMA - Logo

Craig Charney AMA NY Board Director AMA

Stephanie Jeanmougin - Headshot
Hootsuite - Logo

Stephanie Jeanmougin Director, EMEA/ANZ Field Marketing Hootsuite

Mieke Beelen - Headshot
Hootsuite - Logo

Mieke Beelen Manager, Field Marketing Northern Europe Hootsuite

Pattie Pan - Headshot
Dynata - Logo

Pattie Pan Head of Global Marketing Dynata

Cathy Taylor - Headshot
WARC - Logo

Cathy Taylor Commissioning Editor U.S. WARC

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Aaron Jackson - Headshot
Reuters Events - Logo

Aaron Jackson Reuters Events

Jasmine Kees - Headshot
Reuters Events - Logo

Jasmine Kees Strategic Director Reuters Events

Albana Istrefi - Headshot
Reuters Events - Logo

Albana Istrefi Commercial Director Reuters Events

Josh London - Headshot
Thomson Reuters - Logo

Josh London Chief Marketing Officer, Reuters and Head of Reuters Professional Thomson Reuters

Steven Millman - Headshot
Dynata - Logo

Steven Millman SVP Research and Operations Dynata

Cristina Bondolowski - Headshot
HP - Logo

Cristina Bondolowski Global Chief Marketing Officer, Personal Systems HP

Patrizio Spagnoletto - Headshot
Discovery inc - Logo

Patrizio Spagnoletto Global chief marketing officer Discovery inc

Oisin Lunny - Headshot
Galaxy of OM - Logo

Oisin Lunny Co-Founder Galaxy of OM

Steven Goldbach - Headshot
Deloitte - Logo

Steven Goldbach Chief Strategy Officer Deloitte

Geoff Tuff - Headshot
Deloitte - Logo

Geoff Tuff Principal Deloitte

Amelia Dunlop - Headshot
Deloitte Digital - Logo

Amelia Dunlop Chief Experience Officer Deloitte Digital

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Laurel Mintz - Headshot
Elevate My Brand - Logo

Laurel Mintz CEO and Founder Elevate My Brand

Rob Anderson - Headshot
CMG - Logo

Rob Anderson Chief Executive Officer CMG

Jenny D. Robertson - Headshot
FedEx Services - Logo

Jenny D. Robertson SVP, Integrated Marketing & Communications FedEx Services

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Alicia Ensico - Headshot
Nestle - Logo

Alicia Ensico Chief Marketing Officer, US Nestle

Najoh Tita-Reid - Headshot
Logitech - Logo

Najoh Tita-Reid Chief Markeitng Officer Logitech

Beth Mach - Headshot
TrueCar - Logo

Beth Mach Chief Consumer Officer TrueCar

Jordan Rost - Headshot
Roku - Logo

Jordan Rost Head of Ad Marketing Roku

Sai Koppala - Headshot
Sheer ID - Logo

Sai Koppala Chief Marketing Officer Sheer ID

Kiran Kanetkar - Headshot
Petco - Logo

Kiran Kanetkar Sr. Director handling Data engineering, BI and Analytics Petco

Marci Raible - Headshot
Campbell's Soup - Logo

Marci Raible Vice President, Global Media & Marketing Campbell's Soup

Jerry Daykin - Headshot
GSK Consumer Healthcare Marketing - Logo

Jerry Daykin Senior Media Director, EMEA GSK Consumer Healthcare Marketing

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Carol Tran - Headshot
Dolby - Logo

Carol Tran Ex-Head of Growth Dolby

Richard Marques - Headshot
Revcontent - Logo

Richard Marques CEO Revcontent

Jesse Judelman - Headshot
Vevo - Logo

Jesse Judelman Senior Vice President, Sales Vevo